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Which Recess Signature Cocktail Are You?

The Myers-Briggs test? Trash. A love language quiz? Waste of time. A sex quiz in an issue of Cosmo? Okay, that was surprisingly insightful. But in order to truly KNOW yourself, you must know your Cocktail Personality.™

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    You’re out with your best friend who decides to call their not-so-great ex. What do you do?

    • Talk trash about the ex they should totally forget about.
    • Give them the biggest hug and offer to take them to one-on-one brunch this weekend.
    • Start a conversation with your friend’s about how GREAT your best friend is!
    • Ignore the comment. Giving it more attention will only make it worse!
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    You’re on a first date and the bill shows up. You…?

    • Go 50/50 on the check. Fair is fair!
    • Pretend you don’t see it. You treated them to your presence!
    • Sneakily grab the check while they’re not looking.
    • Bat your eyelashes and say thank you! (You spent so long getting ready, you deserve this!)
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    You have an important interview tomorrow, what is keeping you up?

    • “Did I print enough copies of my resume?”
    • “Ugh, I hope they like me!”
    • “I’m just excited to potentially stop working with Karen!”
    • Zzzzzzzzzzzz….. Blissfully sleeping
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    What’s your ideal summertime afternoon in Chicago?

    • A picnic at the beach with all of your friends. It’s so fun to get everyone together!
    • Posting up on your hammock at a local park with some friends.
    • Brunch, shopping and then prepping for a night out with your squad!
    • Day drinking as much bottomless mimosa as you can on a gorgeous patio. YOLO!
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    What is your ideal vacation?

    • Vacation? Staycation please! You need more time to hit those clubs you have been dying to check out.
    • A 14-day guided tour through Europe. You want to see as much as you can!
    • All you really need is a beach, sunshine and a never ending cocktail.
    • Camping in a state park with close friends and late night stories around the campfire.


Written by joni

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